DEECA Animal Management Officer Workshop

Date: Thursday 1st August 2024

Location: DEECA Office | 475 Mickleham Road, Attwood, Victoria

Time: 9:00am to 4.00pm (includes lunch)

Cost: $497 per person

This workshop has been designed specifically for Animal Management Officers, Council Rangers, shelter staff and others working directly with and handling animals in their workplace.

Focusing on the fundamentals of cat and dog behaviour, handling, transport, body language, and communication this in person, interactive session covers:

  • Methods of dog and cat communication

  • Behavioural characteristics

  • Types of aggression

  • Factors which influence aggressive behaviour

  • Understanding body language and vocalisation

  • Safe handling and restraint techniques

  • Responding to aggressive animals

  • Environmental controls and risk reduction

  • Use of restraint equipment including leads, muzzles, towels, cages, and catch poles

  • Transport and housing requirements

  • Understanding training problems Vs mental health disorders

Please note: Forcing animals to exhibit stressed and/or anxious behaviour for demonstration purposes does not align with our commitment to providing the highest possible standards of animal welfare - as such we do not use live dogs or cats during our workshops. Extensive video footage throughout the presentation allows us to replay subtle body language and behaviour signs for a more comprehensive learning experience.

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